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Home/Employment/Cyber Fraud Disclaimer

At RCI Energy Group we take the protection of our staff, partners, and customers very seriously.

Please be alert to cyber criminals who may use our identity on websites and email messages to mislead people via the internet.  Falling victim to any of the scams being perpetrated can prove very expensive, so we advise you to always be cautious.  Fraudulent communications typically concern requests for detailed personal information, advance wire transfers, credit card payment or other means of advance payments for money to pay for goods ordered via the internet or promise of employment.

Unfortunately, we are sometimes contacted by individuals who have been involved in a cyber-attack which includes the RCI Energy Group name.  For example, individuals who have been offered employment online with further personal details being requested via third party apps such as Whatsapp, which effectively prevents the cyber criminal from being traced.  Documents presented as employment offers that look like they have come from RCI are used to make it look believable, however, they are fraudulent documents that are not real. This is just one example of the many ways that cyber criminals may trick you into providing personal information.

If you have been contacted by someone who is claiming to be from RCI Energy Group, or one of our divisions, and offering employment without references or a face-to-face meeting, then this may be cyber fraud.

Please report this to the appropriate authorities.  If you have already fallen victim to the fraudulent attack, I am afraid we are unable to assist, and it is in the hands of your local law enforcement body to resolve.

We do everything in our power to prevent these scams from happening, but RCI assumes no liability for damages caused through unlawful or fraudulent usage of the RCI name.

RCI never asks for personal information over the phone or via a third party app (ex. Whatsapp).  All employment hiring is via a secure RCI on-hire portal.  Furthermore, RCI will never ask, in writing or by telephone, for any personal information such as PIN codes, passwords or credit card details.

Therefore, if you have been asked to provide personal details or to pay in advance, then something is not right and please flag it to your local authorities.