Are all of your chocolates vegan?
Yes, all of our chocolates are vegan, and made with love by vegans! In addition, all of our chocolates are organic, and we always aim to use the purest natural high quality ingredients we can find – we use real ingredients, not artificial flavours.

What do you use instead of dairy?
We use a variety of ingredients instead of dairy. Our milky and white chocolate contains rice instead of dairy, and we also use coconut oil in some of our chocolate fillings. For most of our truffles, instead of dairy, we simply use more of the other delicious ingredients – so whereas a dairy based strawberry truffle would  use cream, strawberries and chocolate, we just ditch the dairy and use more strawberries!  This means our truffles have a better flavour, and are better for you, better for the planet and better for the environment!   You can see all of our ingredients here.

What is ganache?
Ganache is the smooth firm chocolate filling found in a classic chocolate truffle. It is usually made by combining chocolate with cream, but, as we don’t use dairy, and because we want to have fabulous flavours, we combine our chocolate with other ingredients, such as real fruit, or infusions of whole spices, to create our ganaches.  Some of our truffles contain fillings other than ganaches, such as caramels or fondant cremes.

What size of box can I buy?
All of our chocolates are available in box sizes of 8, 12, 24, or 48 chocolates.

We also offer wedding favour boxes by special order – please email us for more information.

Should I choose a ‘My Selection’ box or a ‘Speciality Collection’ box of chocolates?
If you want to choose exactly which chocolates you will receive in your box, choose a ‘My Selection’ box, which allows you to select every chocolate to go in your box, according to your own preferences. They can be all the same, all different, or any other combination – you decide! If you can’t decide on a chocolate flavour, you can always choose ‘surprise me’ and we will pop something in which we think you will like! You can continue to change the chocolates in your box until you click ‘add to cart’, and then the selection is set.
‘Speciality Collection’ boxes contain a selection of chocolates chosen by us, but you can choose the kinds of chocolates you want, for example, all fruit ganaches, all caramels, all white chocolates or all milky chocolates. Or if you want a selection containg a little bit of everything, go for our House Collection. ‘Speciality Collection’ boxes are perfect if you just can’t decide which chocolates to choose, or if you want to buy a gift for someone who just loves caramels, for example. The collections will include some classics, but may also include some brand new flavours! If you have specific preferences, you can always tell us about those chocolates you would like included (or any you would rather not have in your box) in the ‘order notes’ section at the checkout.

How long will my chocolates keep?
We use fresh natural ingredients to give our chocolates the best flavours, and don’t add any artificial preservatives, so our chocolates are best enjoyed immediately.  However, they will generally keep for a few weeks in a cool dark place.

What are my delivery options?
We offer free delivery on all orders over £5. The delivery charge for orders under £5 is £1.99.  Should you require additional delivery options, please email us.

We are sorry, but at the moment we only deliver to the UK.

I would like to send a box of chocolates to someone as a gift – is this possible?
Yes, we can send your chosen chocolates with a gift note. Simply enter your own details for billing, and enter the address where you would like the chocolates sent as the shipping address. To add a gift note for the recipient, in the ‘Order Notes’ box (located underneath the shipping address) type ‘gift note:’ followed by any specific text you would like on the gift note.  If you do not add any specific text, we will simply add a note saying that the chocolates are a gift from you, using your billing address details.

Can I order my chocolates early to arrive for a special occasion?
We normally send out your chocolates as soon as possible after we have received your order, usually within 2-3 working days.  If you want to place an order earlier, to make sure you get the chocolates you want, you can request a ‘delivery by’ date in the ‘Order Notes’ box (located underneath the shipping address at checkout). We will hold onto your order and freshly make your chocolates just before they are delivered to you. Please ensure your ‘delivery by’ date is at least 10 days after your order date.

When is the last order date for Christmas?
Please place orders for Christmas by the 17th December to be sure we can make and send your order out in time for Christmas. After this date we will still work to get your chocolates out to you as quickly as we can, but please be aware that they may not arrive before Christmas.

Where can I find out about special offers?
Follow us on facebook or twitter to keep up to date with our special offers and discounts!

Where can I find a list of all of your different chocolates?
Here is a photo guide  for our chocolates.  Our ingredients list also shows all of our chocolates which are currently available to order.